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We are an independent therapist-owned, therapy practice located in Phoenix, AZ and serving the Valley of the Sun. Our services include Manual Orthopedic Physical Therapy, Aquatic Therapy, Certified Hand Therapy (CHT), Personal Fitness and Strength Training.

Highest Ranking in the United States and Canada out of over 15,000 clinicians and 3,400 clinics
(comparing 11 million patient assessments):


At Southwest Therapy Specialists, we're here to help you achieve your therapy goals, whatever they may be.
Call (602) 249-9129 and let's get started!

Do you:  
-Experience pain and want to decrease reliance on medications?
-Have acute pain limiting work outs at a fitness club?

-Excruciating chronic pain preventing walking on land or participating in normal activities?

-Keep gaining weight or can't lose weight? 

-Have high blood pressure, bad cholesterol or worry about overall health issues?

-Want to better control Diabetes, wounds that won't heal, or numbness in the feet or hands? 

-Feel pain radiating down a leg?

-Experience stiff joints?  Have scar adhesions that limit movement?

-Need custom orthotics to brace a wrist or hand?

-Lack motion?

-Drop items and experience weakness?

-Need strength training?

-Want to improve endurance, flexibility, agility, and/or power?

-Need a Personal Fitness trainer?

-Worry about falling? Become dizzy and the room spins if moving quickly?

-Plan a surgical intervention and are looking to arrange post-operative therapy with the best therapists?

Then, let's do this, together! CLICK Here....for our "What Hurts?" page for more information of areas we can help treat.

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We honor and thank all the Veterans to whom we owe our freedom. May we serve each of you with honor.


Aquatic Therapy: Ever shiver and get chilled in the pool? Experience fear of falling while walking? Then avoid muscle spasms and avoid any risk of falling while working out in Southwest Therapy Specialists' Aquatic Therapy. No tech or aide here! With a temperature of 93-95 degree F the licensed...READ MORE..."And the water is divine!"-(patient's first visit)



Watsu® is a passive form of Aquatic Therapy that supports and gently moves a person through warm water is graceful, fluid movements. Southwest Therapy Specialists' Aquatic Therapists are trained in Watsu® to promote a deep state of relaxation with dramatic effects in the autonomic nervous system. By quieting the sympathetic and enhancing...READ MORE...a profound of many Aquatic Therapy techniques. More than just swimming in a pool, Southwest Therapy Specialists' Aquatic Therapy focuses on teaching and helping promote control of pain. Only a doctor's prescription away from "Ahhh, why didn't I do this earlier?"


We are proud to be a local biz! Therapist owned and locally operated for 30 years, help us and other businesses along the new LightRail by visiting the LocalFirstAZ website and by asking your referring physician to refer directly to Southwest Therapy Specialists. FAX (602) 249-4115.

Top 3% Rank in the United States and Canada for Wrist/Hand Improvement per FOTO®:
Tell the referring physician to fax a referral prescription for treatment to Southwest Therapy Specialists to (602) 249-4115. If the doctor or PA-C tries to send the prescription to a competitor practice, ask the doctor, "What percent ranking is that clinic...READ MORE


No "weekly adjustments" or "for the rest of your life" appointments here! Manual orthopedic Physical Therapists provide personalized hands-on treatment to teach proper, comfortable and effective movement to facilitate the body’s ability to heal. Thus there is no need for weekly “adjustments” or...READ MORE

Focus On Therapeutic Outcomes (FOTO®) ranks Southwest Therapy Specialists top in the nation for therapy outcomes and patient satisfaction at 99% excellent. Designed to manage quality, measure outcomes, and focus on strengths of private practices FOTO® is recommended by CMS (Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services), endorsed by NQF (National Quality Forum), endorsed by PPS (Private Practice Section) and SoWH, APTA Section. Ranking is achieved through efficiency, effectiveness, utilization, and satisfaction. Locally owned and operated. Request only to be seen by a top-in-the-nation therapy team for all therapy needs.

Certified Hand Therapist (CHT):
When seeking therapy consider The Hand Therapy Certification Commission (HTCC) endorses the Hand Therapy at Southwest Therapy Specialists, PC. Look at the credentials of the therapist when selecting...READ MORE

PRRT (Primal Reflex Release Technique-™):
Ever feel a thickened, boggy, full-feeling around a painful area? Experience a hyper-sensitivity and instantly withdraw that painful area away from another person trying to simply touch the area? Almost as if a reflex is causing the painful area to "get away" from the potential of more pain? PRRT™ is a...READ MORE



Free! Southwest Therapy Specialists is committed to reminding drivers to not text and drive. Free cell phone wraps are available to place around cell phones upon entering a car. The wraps read "DNT TXT AND DRV" and may also be worn as wrist bands when not on the cell phone. Please help join the movement to remind all drivers by sharing these free cell phone wraps/wrist bands throughout the community. Stop by and receive a cell phone wrap during business hours.

"It has only been two visits and my numbness is almost fully gone. The tingling
is less too. Your Certified Hand Therapist taught me more in these sessions
what I can do to help myself than the chiropractor did in the past two years."
- MC (patient)

"I thank God that you opened this place.You've gotten me to the point where the doctor

can now do surgery to help me. I was so weak and you gave me strength."

-RW (patient) upon discharge

"I am very, very, very satisfied with this facility and its team
and highly recommend it to my friends and family
- DC (patient) Patient Satisfaction Survey

Southwest Therapy Specialists is committed to providing comprehensive services, both for acute rehabilitation and for work injury management and prevention.  A critical reason to choose our services stems from our unique ability to meet the needs of the customer with personalized attention. Let your physician know you want your therapy at Southwest Therapy Specialists and give us a call. We are ready to help you take the first step to meet your needs.

“I have had the pleasure of referring my patients to Southwest Therapy Specialists for many years. They are the best physical therapists I have dealt with in my 24 years of practice.  My patients are also extremely satisfied, especially when they were seen at another facility.

The team at Southwest Therapy Specialists is very professional, punctual, knowledgeable and caring. I would be grateful if I could refer my patients on…all plans to their wonderful facility.” A.G., MD Internal Medicine

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Highest Ranking in the Nation by FOTO (R)
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Telephone: (602) 249-9129

Fax: (602) 249-4115
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Southwest Therapy Specialists
7540 N. 19th Ave., Suite 101, Phoenix, AZ 85021


Customer Testimonials

"Your entire staff is exceptional, in all areas. I would not ask you to change a thing." - Patient Satisfaction Survey

Southwest Therapy Specialists has received an overall patient satisfaction rating of 99.5% from the more than 30,000 Patient Satisfaction Surveys that have been given since 1985.

Patients are given the opportunity to rate the staff on professionalism, courtesy, knowledge, and overall results, among other factors throughout their care or using our online form.

Manual orthopedic Physical Therapy, Aquatic Therapy, Pelvic PT, Women's Health PT, Men's Health PT, personal fitness, Certified Hand Therapy-how can we help?

Please visit our testimonials page to view customer testimonials.

The greatest compliment occurs when our clients tell their referring physician, PA-C or Nurse of their experience at Southwest Therapy Specialists, PC.

Thank you for spending a moment to learn more about us and how we may help you. We are here to serve you,
let's do this...together!

"Pay It Forward":
Consider helping by "Pay It Forward". Every donation helps. Lucy has passed on - she was a part of our "family". In tribute, we hope to raise enough money to afford a new Hearing Service Dog.

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"This was my first experience with physical therapy. It was first class. I'd surely send others..."
-Patient Satisfaction Survey

"The best therapy I have ever had."
-Patient Satisfaction Survey